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Pirate book, 2-4 years!
Personalised gift Name and Name's Treasure Hunt
Name and Name's Treasure Hunt

Name and Name's Treasure Hunt

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Avast Ye, Matey! Set Sail and Find the Treasure.

In this personalised pirate book, our treasure hunters are between the ages 2-4 years old. You can also personalise a version for older pirates 5-9 years old: 'Name and Name's Treasure Hunt'

While pretending to sail the seven seas, our two little pirates find a mysterious bottle in the sea. They are excited to find a treasure map inside the bottle and there is only one thing to do... Find the treasure!

On their voyage, they notice something on the horizon. It looks like a big pirate ship with real pirates! The real pirates are also looking for the treasure. They all decide to work together to succeed in their hunt for gold.

An action-packed, swashbuckling treasure hunt adventure, made as an exclusive, personalised children’s book. It is suitable for siblings, friends, and cousins.

Autor: Anne Mette K Olesen
Ilustrador: Sarah Conradsen

Faixa etária
2 a 4 anos
24 Páginas
delivery time
8-9 dias úteis
Em stock
Em stock
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label
Capa dura, papel couché 200 gr.
Capa dura, papel couché 200 gr.
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